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The Rediscovering the Antonine Wall Project began in 2016 /17 with a series of community consultation events, around 15 across all the council areas. We strongly believed that all elements of the project should be co-designed and co-curated with the local communities so were open to all ideas that they might bring forward. This work led to a series of capital and community projects being developed and submitted for funding consideration to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, our main funder, in 2018.

There are two important capital strands – playparks and distance slabs. Then we have a series of 30 co-designed community projects, 6 in each of the local authority areas. A volunteer programme, the 21st century legion is designed to offer skills training and engagement opportunities, while we also intend to create a film and a range of educational and outreach products.

The capital projects are running in Years 1 and 2, with the community projects spread across all three years

November 2018


Project start


Capital projects


Community projects, education and outreach, volunteering


Partner planning for legacy projects
November 2021  

End of current project