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Project Partners

The Scottish Refugee Council (SRC)

The SRC are an independent charity dedicated to supporting people in need of refugee protection. We worked with their arts and cultural development officer, Soizig Carey and four of their regional integration co-ordinators to help us to develop good relationships with groups along the Antonine Wall. Find out more about their work in arts and cultural development here:

The Central Scotland Regional Equality Council (CSREC)

CSREC was established to eradicate all forms of discrimination. Their work addresses the needs of people facing structural racism and inequality through partnership work, awareness-raising, training and consultancy at the organisational level with the public, private and third sectors. We collaborated with the Global Language Café – a group that meets weekly at CSREC’s shop in Falkirk to learn English together and to create a space where all language knowledge is valued.

Jasmine and Thistle
Jasmine and Thistle bring together Syrian and Scottish women to share experiences, skills and friendships. They organise cultural and recreational events which encourage mutual support and understanding. And we provide a safe and impartial forum for discussions and events on the challenges faced by Syrians and other refugees in their everyday lives.

Interfaith Glasgow
Interfaith Glasgow is a Scottish charity which promotes and facilitates positive engagement between people of diverse faiths and beliefs – religious and non-religious – so as to help create a better-connected, safer, and more harmonious city for all. We worked with members of Interfaith Glasgow’s Weekend Club on the creative writing branch of this project. We also collaborated with their Programme Manager, Lynnda to co-develop a workshop to help to train our staff.

ISARO Community Initiative
Empowers communities to live in harmony, with strengthened mutual cultural understanding and greater global awareness. They have run their own heritage projects that are really worth a look:

North Lanarkshire Women’s Family Alliance are a Scottish charitable organisation working to build community confidence and integration. They have formed a number of groups which meet regularly. You can find out more about their work here: