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Making New Walls

A project with Paria Goodarzi and ISARO Community Initiative’s Youth Group

Over the 2022 summer holidays  members of ISARO Community Initiative’s youth group worked with artist Paria Goordarzi to create a collaborative artwork at the site of a former fort in Bearsden. This process was documented by digital heritage volunteer Gaby Somarriba Rocha on the grounds of Bearsden Baptist Church. 

ISARO Community Initiative are a charitable organisation based in Clydebank. They aim to empower communities to live in harmony, with strengthened mutual cultural understanding and greater global awareness. They also run a number of their own heritage projects which you can find out more about here:

We were initially introduced to each other, the project and the site through the warmth of the fire-pit and the roasting of halal marshmallows. The Romans believed that mallow sap, brewed like tea, could cure a sore throat.


A collaborative drawing activity in reference to replica objects from everyday life at around 140 AD, along the Wall, found in the project handling kit.


Paria worked with the group to make prints out of recycled yoga-mat foam based on graphic images that emerged from drawings we made.


Paria shared her inspiration from artist Louise Nevelson’s sculptures, also known as ‘Walls’. Living in New York in the 1940s, Louise Nevelson became internationally famous for her sculptures made from scraps of wood and objects she found on the streets. She pieced these objects into ‘Wall assemblages’ and painted them black. Looking at this work, inspired by discarded objects, created a bridge for us to think about collections, heritage sites and the politics of what is valued.


Making our own ‘Wall’ with new personal and collective meanings.

Gaby showed the group how to use an digital SLR camera to photograph their work.

Food was supplied by Delphine at Safari Bites!