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The Antonine Wall today


This map was made by people living along the Wall today. They drew the things that they liked best, like fishing in the canal or going for a walk.

After the Romans

What happened after the Romans left?


he Romans left the Antonine Wall around 162 AD. The buildings were destroyed but the rampart and the ditch remained and became part of…

The others walls

The Antonine Wall is part of the UNESCO Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage site with Hadrian’s Wall and the German Limes. Learn more about UNESCO here

Iron Age People

Who lived next to the Wall?


This week, let’s have a look at the locals who lived around the Antonine Wall. Here are the templates and instructions to make your…

Women on the Antonine Wall



Where did the soldiers come from?


Where did the Romans on the Antonine Wall come from? Soldiers, their families, and traders came to Scotland from all over the Roman Empire….

Trade and transport


Archaeologists found shopping lists and birthday party invitations written by the Romans at Vindolanda. Why not do the same? To write, Romans used wax tablets, papyrus or wood bark….




Do you know what a legionary would be wearing on the Wall?



The leather straps on Roman shoes were often cut into elaborate patterns…

Faith on the Antonine Wall

How did he Romans worship?


This week we will be looking at Roman faith. The Romans altars to the diffrent Gods and Goddesses. here we show you how to make…

Off Duty

What did the Soldiers do when they were off duty?


Game board found at Bearsden © Hunterian…