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Artist Commission: Stone Altars, Inscription Stone and Bench for Drumchapel

Rediscovering the Antonine Wall

Community Projects

Drumchapel Arts Workshop Stone Altars, Inscription Stone and Bench: Design and Production

 1. Introduction

West Dunbartonshire Council, on behalf of the Antonine Wall Management Plan Partners (and as part of a wider National Lottery Heritage Fund project) wish to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced artist to design and produce two Roman themed altars, an inscription stone and a stone bench using community artwork as inspiration.  These artworks will be incorporated into a Roman themed playpark at Monymusk Place in Drumchapel.

2. Client

West Dunbartonshire Council on behalf of the Antonine Wall World Heritage Site Management Partners: West Dunbartonshire Council, Glasgow City Council, East Dunbartonshire Council, North Lanarkshire Council, Falkirk Council and Historic Environment Scotland

3. Background to Project

The Rediscovering the Antonine Wall project is a National Lottery Heritage Fund project which aims to better connect local communities with their heritage and to create better connections for visitors along the length of the Antonine Wall, the Roman Empire’s most northerly frontier.  The project is managed by a Steering Group of five local authorities (West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow City, East Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire and Falkirk Councils) and Historic Environment Scotland.  Further information on the site and its history can be found on the website:

A significant part of the project involves working with community organisations to co-design individual projects in local areas.  There will be a total of 30 community-led projects across five different local authorities.  In the Glasgow area, a project has been developed with Drumchapel Arts Workshop (DRAW) where local residents of Drumchapel produced designs to be inscribed onto stone altars.  The altars were to be located along the Drumchapel Way as an arts trail, however it was necessary to change these plans due to land ownership issues.

The decision has been taken to replace the original proposals with a small Roman/nature themed garden with two carved stone altars, an inscription stone and a stone bench with designs inspired by the community artwork, to be located within a new Roman themed playpark being created as another strand to the project.

This commission is to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced artist to design and produce the two stone altars and inscription stone, incorporating the ideas generated by the local community, creating a nature garden within the playpark.  In addition, the artist should design and create a Roman style stone bench incorporating a chosen piece of artwork from the supplied community designs.


4. Scope of Works

There are three elements to this commission ( click here for full brief and Appendix)  An artist is sought to design and produce the following:

Stone altars:

  • Design work for two stone altars, inspired by the community artwork designs shown in Appendix A and to the style of altars found along the line of the Antonine Wall shown in Appendix B;
  • Production of the stone altars using a locally sourced buff sandstone and the tops should be hollowed out to allow use as bird baths;
  • Delivery to site of completed altars.

Inscription stone:

  • Design of an inscription stone with the text set out in Appendix B, using a traditional Roman distance stone design. Images are presented in Appendix B;
  • Production of the inscription stone using a locally sourced buff sandstone;
  • Delivery to site of completed stone.

Stone bench:

  • Design work for a Roman style stone bench incorporating an exact replica of a community design on the seat: two options are presented in Appendix B and the proposed bench design is shown in Appendix C;
  • Production of the bench using an appropriate stone of the artist’s choice to the agreed dimensions shown in Appendix C;
  • Delivery to site of completed bench.

Consideration should be given on all three elements around health and safety requirements for installation within a children’s playpark.  A design team led by Ironside Farrar is currently producing the design for the garden which will include technical details around foundations and fixings for the stone works.  This information will be provided and the artist will be expected to liaise with Ironside Farrar over such details to ensure that the stones are pre-drilled correctly to allow for safe installation.  This will ensure that they are secure and robust enough to withstand potential climbing on, kicking with balls and playing with by children and young people.  They are not intended to form part of the play equipment but their location may result in this unintended use.

5.  Budget

The total budget available for this commission is £8,500 exclusive of VAT.

6. Timescales

The timescales for this project are as follows.  We would like the works completed as quickly as possible but have allowed until 24 September 2021 as an absolute deadline.

  • Advertisement of design opportunity                 17-28 May 2021
  • Deadline for submissions                                   28 May 2021 at 12:00 midday
  • Appointment of artist                                          by 4 Jun 2021
  • Altars, inscription stone and bench required      by 24 Sep 2021

7.0         Submission Requirements

Please respond to this brief with information including:

  • Experience and qualifications including examples of at least three similar pieces of work;
  • Proposed designs for altars, inscription stone and bench, including details on how the community artwork will be incorporated into these;
  • Considerations on health and safety;
  • Details of execution e.g. any subcontractors to be used;
  • Ability to meet timescales;
  • Proposed fee breakdown.

This should be submitted to Severine Peyrichou, Antonine Wall Development Officer by email: by 12:00 midday on Friday 28 May 2021.

To Download the full brief with appendix please click below:

2021 stonemason brief for playpark installation_revised_170521