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Off Duty

What did the Soldiers do when they were off duty?


Game board found at Bearsden © Hunterian Museum


When not on duty soldiers would spend time in the bathhouse and even play board games. Such a board was found at the Bearsden bathhouse. Of course Marcus wanted one too ! For instuctions and rules to play Latrunculi (or Ludus Latrunculorum) download the full explanations on our website.
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This sandstone water spout is from the Roman bathhouse at Duntocher. The water nymph is holding a shell from which water would have poured into a pool or basin. Soldiers would have spent much of their free time in the bathhouse (probably one of the warmest places in the fort!) bathing, playing board games, gambling and chatting with friends.Have a closer look online.


Video: Visit Bearsden Bathhouse